Walk for Healthier Joints.
Walk for Charity.

21st October 2018 (Sunday) 6.00 am (flag off: 7.15 am) Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
Entry Fees: RM45 per person

It’s OUR 10th Anniversary!

On 21st October 2018, the participation of Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM) in the 10th Annual Kordel's Charity Walk is creating a great opportunity for you and your family to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

This charity Walk is a charity drive to increase public awareness on joint health and raise funds for Arthristis Foundation Malaysia (AFM) for an extremely deserving cause. The donations received will help to improve the welfare of arthritis patients. Come join us for a fun-filled day with your family!

The Arthritis Foundation Malaysia is a non-profit organization set up to:

  1. Increase the awareness of arthritis & its related conditions.
  2. Look after the welfare of arthritis patients who cannot afford joint replacement.
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