OPTION 1: Online Registration

To register online and proceed payment by choosing the ipay88 payment gateway, please click the button below. Please take note that credit card payment is not available for the moment to register.

Go to Registration

OPTION 2: Cash Deposit Payment

Step 1

You will receive an email notification after you have submitted your details. (Please locate the email notification in spam/junk if you couldn’t get it from your inbox.)

Kindly please print out the email notification. If you have not submitted your details, please click here to register.

Step 2

You may bank in the amount of RM directly to our bank, the details are as below:

Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd, CIMB 8002957468

Step 3

Please write down your registration name, registration number and IC number on the payment receipt.

Step 4

Kindly send us the payment receipt after you have made payment.

How to send to us?

Option 1:
Scan and send to ask-kordelscharitywalk@cambert.com.my

Option 2:
Fax to us @ 03 - 5637 1720

Option 3:
Snap a picture of the Payment receipt (with your registration name, registration number and IC number written down) and Whatsapp to the number of 016 - 211 6180 (Make sure the words are clear)

Step 5

Our finance department will issue the official receipt to participants.

Please bring along the official receipt and also the email notification that mentioned in step 1 with you to collect the T-SHIRT before the day of event and present to us.